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Alicia St-Amant, a dedicated ambassador always ready to promote the benefits of running.

Ambassadrice YUL-run: Alicia St-Amant


Par YUL, June 2022
When asked how we choose YUL-run ambassadors, we look at the scope of their motivation. At the beginning of the year, we asked for referrals on who motivated you during the pandemic and who was there to encourage you to stay active. Alicia St-Amant's name came up several times. Find out here how much running is part of her life and how much motivation she spreads in the community.
Family values
Mother of 6 children (4 by blood and 2 by marriage) and grandmother of 7 grandchildren, her days are full! Passing on the pleasure of movement to her family and friends is important to her. For this race which takes place in Farnham and which is a family event, four generations of her family were present this year.
Passionate about music and sports since childhood, she practiced: dance, karate, kung fu and was even a musician in the Granby sea cadets for several years to then teach some of these arts. Then, there was a break from sports to devote herself 200% to her family and the family farm.
When the race becomes a family event!
One start line and go!
It was in 2013 that the call came when her sister-in-law and great friend, Annie Brin, suggested that she do the race for Leucan as a duo. This race became a starting point to get back to a more balanced lifestyle. In 2014, she became a Zumba instructor and in 2016, a certified coach. Her growing curiosity for wellness led to several other trainings.
Foundation of the group Motivations Santé, pour la cause!
Alicia founded the Motivations Santé page on Facebook. Initially made up of a team that ran a relay race from Montreal to Quebec City as part of the Défi Moi pour Toi  with Chantal Lacroix in 2017 and 2018. Then today, its purpose is to promote physical activity for good causes. A Facebook group of the same name was also created to coordinate some of the team members' workouts, to raise awareness of universal inclusion where everyone is respected and accepted as they are. In addition, it allows access to meetings between people who want to move for free in good company with the same mentality of acceptance of the other where the human is prioritized over performance. This does not mean that they do not perform, but that they choose and express when they will do so, sometimes as a team and sometimes for a more personal purpose. In both cases, the support and encouragement is always nice to receive. Over the years, this group has made many deep friendships and it is wonderful to see that this tradition continues.
First challenge of the Motivations Santé group with Chantal Lacroix
Défi Toi pour moi
More than just the race!
This year, she will participate in the Tour du lac Brome, the Défi Inclusactif, the Défi d'Automne Optimiste de Farnham, the Marathon de Granby, the Bromont Ultra and many other small challenges not yet determined.
Future challenges
The Motivations Santé team was quickly formed for the Bromont Ultra 2022 for the third year. It was decided to do this challenge virtually in order to accumulate as many kilometers and money as possible for theFondation de la Neurodiversité. Last year their team raised $3,845 and accumulated 372 kilometers for the cause. In 2022, the goal will be to surpass this achievement.
She is captain of the 2022 team composed of : Julie Boisvert, Caroline Bisson, Geneviève Goyette, Marie-Lyse Jacques, David Lorange, Sylvain Langevin, Louis Beauregard, Danny Martineau and Ludovic Lafrance. Here is the link to encourage the cause and its team : Motivations Santé Bromont Ultra.
Why become a YUL Ambassador?
‘’I gladly accepted when I was asked to be an ambassador for YUL-run. Thinking that it was a different challenge. It's an opportunity to further open up my world on social media and in the sports community, definitely expand my comfort zone and use it as another tool to promote physical activity and wellness in my life mission. Working, exploring and deepening massage therapy, Reiki, naturopathy, life coaching and yoga, I know that health is in the balance and respect of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I hope from the bottom of my heart to continue to inspire people to find their own balance in the ups and downs of this fast-paced life.‘’, Alicia St-Amant.

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