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The running shoe that gets you where you want to go! A Valentine's Day, that passes. A YUL love is forever!
By Frédéric Plante, YUL ambassador, Fabruary 2022
Hang on!
Always have someone to turn to when things are not going well. You always have to have something to hold on to when life gets tough.
My love of running has gotten me through some tough times in the past few months; the end of a long relationship. While I felt like the floor was opening up beneath my feet, I was instead putting on my YUL and I would go out for a run to make sure I still existed. I would get some fresh air and leave all my worries behind me. I would finish my workouts drained of my energy, but also of my worries.
‘’...Daphnée and I met for a run to talk and move together. This first run led to others, but also to love.’’
However, Daphne and I had something in common: we had always loved running alone. We didn't like the distractions and pressure of having to talk or feel like our running pace was guided by someone else's.
However, within a few weeks we naturally started running together when the opportunity arose. We loved it. I don't mean to brag, we are both in good shape. In addition to being a teacher, my wife has been teaching fitness classes several times a week for the past 30 years. She will never admit it, but overall, she is in better shape than I am !!!
Together, it changes everything!
Running allows us to spend quality time together. We know that when our run is completed, often in the morning, the rest of our day is ours and we can spoil ourselves without guilt. Swimming, restaurants, massages, good food, movies, etc..
‘’To run as a couple and have fun, Daphne and I chose to run at a sustainable and enjoyable pace. That's the key!’’
It also serves to reinforce the complicity that already binds us. If for others, running in love is a way to surpass themselves and run even faster, we decided to bet on moments of happiness. No need to test our limits since there is no competition between us. No need to prove anything to each other.
Nothing makes a race go by faster than chatting with my girlfriend. I know Daphne feels the same way. It's also the best way to know that we're running at the right pace.

Much more than the race...
Running creates the most beautiful meetings. Those of beings intoxicated by the surpassing of oneself and the love of the other...
According to Strava's 2021 annual statistics: ''More than 189,000 new clubs were created on Strava this year, proof of the ever-growing willingness of athletes to get together to share their sport.'' And YUL is no exception, join the YUL Running Club on Strava, you will find a community to share with!
Join us, for sure, we will move forward...Together! !

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