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YUL on the way to Compostela: walk more than 270km, in comfort!
YUL: la chaussure de marche à Compostelle
By YUL, december 2022
With the collaboration of Manon St-Cyr, client
A feat to be highlighted
When we read Manon's comment on our Facebook page, we could not remain indifferent by reading :
‘’I walked the Portuguese Camino de Compostela with my YUL Trail! Almost 300 km in comfort without even a blister!’’
It is therefore with great pleasure that we share with you his story following this great walk on the road to Compostela.
The ideal walking shoe for long distances.
Manon had a history of blisters from previous long hikes and was looking for the best shoes for her journey to Compostela.
‘’I had already worn Yul road shoes for my runs and I loved the comfort of my runnings. I contacted Mathieu and following his advice, I decided to choose the Lisa Jordan YUL trails, what a look!’’
Great advice!
Do you have a challenge to meet? Make an appointment with one of our experts to choose the right shoe for you. They are seasoned runners who know the shoe from every angle (even if it has few!) and they will advise you so that you can choose a model that will ensure optimal comfort during your training and especially on the big day! In short, a 10 minute phone call is a great investment if you take note that it will save you a lot of discomfort and even injuries.
Walk shoes: Ranger
It's a start for 275 km!
On August 26, proudly wearing my YULs, I set out on the Portuguese Way of St. James from O'Porrino to Muxia, about 275 km.
A good choice!
''Within the first few days, I knew I had made the right choice, the Ranger model offers good cushioning for long distances. Between 20 and 30 km a day, you need comfort and they held up well!''
Walk shoes: Ranger
Mission completed!
When we returned to Portugal, I continued with some hikes around Porto, probably between 300 and 350 km in all, and I can say: "Mission completed!''.
Here we are again, my YUL and I! The lady is very happy with the performance of her shoes.
Thank you YUL!
Give yourself a challenge too!
How about setting yourself a challenge right now? Start by getting your shoes right and then have fun, because every mile is a privilege. You'll be able to cross a zone that only you deserve. Like Manon, one foot in front of the other, you'll go far. And doing it in comfort is even better! It starts with a visit to our site and by using the chat tool (bottom left) request an appointment with an expert. It will be our pleasure to offer you every opportunity to surpass yourself by starting with a pair of shoes that suits you, for you, for your future challenges. We're here for you!
Join us, for sure, we will move forward... Together. !
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