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YUL Custom - funky zebra
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  • Waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry.
  • Outsole compond specificly to:
    • Stay flexible in cold weather (-30°C to 5°C)
    • Grip on snow and ice.
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  • Ideal for: intervals, racing and short distances.
  • Help having a forefoot running technique.
  • Increase stability and allows lateral movement.
  • Minimalist sole (6mm-10mm).
  • Not recommended for people with foot injuries.
Lite trainer
  • Perfect middle ground, multi-disciplinary midsole.
  • Can be use on all distances depending on the running thechnique.
  • Ideal: long intervals and transition toward a midfoot strike.
  • Not recommanded for heel strikers running long distances.
  • Traditionnal sole that offers great comfort.
  • Ideal: walkers, heel strikers and for foot injuries.
  • Not recommanded for high performance competition.
  • Great for long runs.
  • Help forefoot strides.
  • Decrease heel strike tendencies.
  • Not recommanded: achilles injuries or sensitivities.
  • Most popular drop and very veratile.
  • Allows: transition from heel strike to fore-foot.
  • For mid-foot runners or walkers.
  • Perfect for heel strikers.
  • Recommanded for achilles tendon injuries and sensibilities.
  • Makes forefoot running difficult to achieve.
A fun mix of zebra-like lines and retro dancing results in this colourful pattern. Wear it proudly, share your positive energy with the world: create joy! Turn heads and change the world in a stride.
A balance of color and geometric shapes to keep your cool: the sky blue tone inspires summer skies all year long. Bring order and lightness to these challenging times.
Claire Desjardins is an abstract painter whose work travels around the globe, spreading colourful joy and happiness. The My Vanity print is an example of the creativity and passion that Claire dedicates her life to. The eclectic artwork inspires, liberates and incites feelings of freedom and equality.
Whoever said that Italian marble Marquina must be stone cold? This artwork is inspired by Mother Nature, and warms the heart. Feel her strength. The noble marble shapes elicit a sense of the : they are the solid ground that community is built upon. Be the best version of you.
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